How many of you out there have never got fitted for a bra?

Admittedly up until a few years ago I was one of those who had never got properly fitted for a bra and therefore it came as no surprise to me when I learnt that 8 out of 10 Irish women are wearing the wrong bra size!

Burgess Athlone department store wants to help reduce that number by holding an Expert Bra Fitting Event with 20% OFF All Bras. This event which runs until the 30th of April is aimed at removing the stigma around bra fitting and help educate people on the benefits of wearing the right size bra.

I paid a visit to Burgess at the weekend to check out their fabulous lingerie range and get myself fitted for a bra with the lovely Veronica, lingerie buyer for Burgess Athlone. Here are some of my findings:

Bra fitting, what is involved?

It is a common misconception that you need to take off your bra in order to get a bra fitting. You do NOT (I repeat) you do NOT need to take off your bra when getting fitted. The lingerie advisor simply measures under your bust to get the width of your chest (i.e.30, 32, etc.), then measures around the fullest part of your bust over your bra to get an idea of cup size (i.e. A,B,C…G etc.). That is all that is required to get the initial measurement. From there the advisor will ask you what type of bra you like to wear, i.e full cup, balcony etc. and will bring you in a few bra styles and brands for you to try.

How do you know your bra is the wrong fit?

  1. Your bra strap is digging in to your shoulders
  2. The centre front of your bra is lifting
  3. Your bust is bulging out of the top or sides of your cup
  4. Your bust looks lumpy under your clothes
  5. Your bra rides up your back
  6. Your underwires stick out at the front or under your arms

Why do so many of us wear the wrong bra size?

Being female, no matter what size bust we have, we are never happy. Smaller busted women tend to wear bra’s which are too big on the cup and end up gaping out from the chest making them look smaller than they are and women with larger busts try to squeeze themselves into smaller cup sizes making them look bigger than they are (me included). We get a cup size into our heads and fear being told we are anything more or less than that. If your cup size is not correct then you are not getting the most out of your bosom.

When should you to check your bra size?

Because our busts change for many reasons throughout our lives; age, weight variations, contraceptives, pregnancy and post pregnancy or following surgery, it is recommend that you get yourself fitted at least every six months.

Burgess offer a free bra fitting service so that every time you invest in a new bra they will ensure that you are getting a bra that is comfortable and offers the right support, which in turn will improve your posture.

What did I buy?

Burgess Athlone have an excellent rang of lingerie in stock and so I was spoiled for choice. Because I already have a lot of plain black/white bras I decided to choose something a little different and opt for a patterned lingerie set.

I also chose an everyday moulded t-shirt bra which is hands down the most comfortable bra I have every worn. The moulded design gives the support and structure of a padded bra without the bulk of traditional padding.


So, pop into Burgess Athlone to check out their full lingerie department and avail of their free bra fitting service with one of their experts. I can guarantee you that once you get fitted with a proper bra you will never look back.

Remember there is 20% off all bras in Burgess Athlone until the 30th April

Stylishly yours,

Heather x